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Modfälld was recorded from September 2016 until April 2017.
Mixed & Mastered by Andreas Rönnberg & Ken Klejs.
Artwork by Andreas Rönnberg.

Andreas Rönnberg - Composer / Guitars / Bass / Electronics
Jordan Jimenez - Vocals & Lyrics on track 2, 3, 5
Ken Klejs - Drums / Percussion

Guest vocals/lyrics by Waldgeist/S.W. of Wintercult, Waldstille and Norskian Anathium on track 4


released June 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Intig Sweden

Intig was formed in 2015 by Andreas Rönnberg (SWE).

Other artists joined to make Intig a complete band with Jordan Jimenez (USA) on vocals and Ken Klejs (DK) on drums.

Intig plays Depressive Black Metal with a calm and gloomy tone.
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Track Name: Wistful Nights
I drive through barren, rain kissed roads
I am cloaked in a heavy pall of sorrow and regret
With tear crusted eyes I gaze toward that dull skyline
wishing you were my light, please be my respite
I want your arms to be my soothing repose
we could give each other solace, protected from the cold
I long to be by your side
Will I ever gaze into your eyes
or will entropy kill this dream

Digging through my skin, wading in apathy
sleepless dreams unanswered, decaying what’s left of hope
I call to you but I am left in deafening silence
reaching for your warming skin
consumed by your cruel indifference
I will always look for you…
Track Name: Forlorn
I am so… sorry
Track Name: К Забытой Вечности (feat. Waldgeist)
Тень и плоть бытия пожирая
В красоте отвратительных танцев
Мы низвергнуты в самоотречение,
В тошнотворную пыль декаданса

Мы ошибка законов природы
Парадокс ироничный вселенной
Источая своё превосходство
Обрекаем себя на забвение

Погасив в себе чувства и мысли
Мы уходим в леса пустоты
Бросив в пламя все ценности жизни
В одиночестве топим мечты

Никогда не найти здесь ответов
Воля к жизни, истлев, умерла
От костров, полыхавших надеждой
На ветру остывает зола

Не познать за века нам покоя
Мы потеряны, сбиты с пути
В похороненных душах, засыпанных пеплом
Хаос вечности, мы здесь одни...


Consumption of flesh and shadow
in a dance of repugnant resplendence.
We are rejected, beings of self-denial,
in our own sickening dust of decadence.

We are a tragic paradox. Unwanted, a being
against nature. We transcend
therefore we are alone, we are none.
Dismissal of destructive thought,
arbitrary, we isolate.

Here, alone, in this vast emptiness,
we will never truly live. We cast all
that we hold dear into the flames of our
extinguishing fire, leaving the
loneliness of our dreams.

We only hope to find meaning and joy which
life will never be able to give to us.
We are lost, letting our will to live
perish, the fire, our hope, now cools
with the bitter winds.

And this passage of time will ensure that
we will never have any semblance of serenity…
in this chaos… the ash will cover our souls,
left buried… we are alone… we are lost
Track Name: 3 AM
I can feel the foul breath of loneliness
creep through my lungs when the city dies
at three in the morning.
I want to sleep, to forget
a place that is so cruel and tainted.
Even dreams feel like long dull needles
being driven into my head. But these pills
won’t stop my numbing respite from fading.

As I wake up, harsh and painful memories
converge in my head all at once. My throat burns
as I try to hold back tears,
writhing in this grotesque agony.

Sorrow has stained everything around me…
my sheets… my clothes… it always seems to find me.
I feel like I am phantoming through life,
each moment a lifeless drug-hazed, dream-fugue.
I want to go away, to be forgotten,
but every last drop of hope
has been drained from my eyes.

I am lost in these silent, abandoned suburbs.
Surrendering to a monotonous apathy,
I know that I can never get away…