by Intig

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Empty was recorded in fall 2015.
Mixed & Mastered by Andreas Rönnberg.
Artwork by Andreas Rönnberg.

Andreas Rönnberg - Composer / Guitars / Bass / Electronics / Vocals & Lyrics on track 5, 7
Jordan Jimenez - Vocals & Lyrics on track 1, 2, 3, 4, 6
Ken Klejs - Drums / Percussion


released October 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Intig Sweden

Intig was formed in 2015 by Andreas Rönnberg (SWE).

Other artists joined to make Intig a complete band with Jordan Jimenez (USA) on vocals and Ken Klejs (DK) on drums.

Intig plays Depressive Black Metal with a calm and gloomy tone.
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Track Name: I Wish I Wasn't Awake
I force myself to sleep
It's useless
Hopelessness burns my throat
the thin damp sheets
feel so heavy

I lost the value of this life
wishing to never wake again
into this painful nothingness
Where promises rot
colors fade and flowers wilt

My body aches
I am so tired of the thoughts and whispers
that pollute my tears

An inescapable emptiness
if only I could persevere
to be more than a dimly lit memory
lost in stillness

The days are my sighs
this bed my solace

I can't even begin to recall
the number of times
I wish I wasn't awake...
Track Name: Worthless Being
Like worthless meat and bone
I lie in wait
that one day I will wither away

Does anyone realize that they are nothing
Are they so blind?
How the fuck does it feel anyway
to ignore the disease of life

I have never been able to understand
the discomfort and pain of this putrid existence...
this ugly form called humanity
How can you even live with yourself

I don't want to see the light of another day
constantly waking to aching bones
cold skin and corrosive thoughts

No... its essence is suffocating
and degenerating...
breeding contempt for your pathetic excuse of being...
Track Name: Pointless Existence
A silent echo in my soul
Nothing interests me anymore
I've done my part
I understand its meaning
Why continue
Tell me
Why should I continue

Who the fuck told me
that I could exist
Why do you even spread
the disease of life
Don't you get it
that you bring
perpetual suffering this way

I don't want to exist in this life
How the fuck do I disappear
Tell me
How the fuck do I disappear

Life is tiresome
What the fuck is the point
when everything will be forgotten

Isn't it better to end it now
than to waste your breath

Don't wake me up
Please let me disappear

We will all rot in the ground one day...
One day, we will rot...
Track Name: Beyond The Other Side
Laying here in my cold bed
Trying to dream of the other side
A place where everything is possible
Where you can find peace, or anxiety

The fantasies start to take over
I feel this burden easing from my shoulders
I see clearly now... I see you
My body starts to tremble
is it joy... or is it hatred?
I am getting closer
but I only see a shadow
like a fucking reminder
that your life is so hollow...

You have to wake up eventually
back to the filthy city
you need to face every day
But I want to go back
back where I have the same anxiety
back to where I at least
don't have to exist any longer...
to the other side
Track Name: En Omöjlig Önskan
Ständigt går jag runt
med en klump i bröstet
Det är en speciell känsla
Något som tynger mig ner
Som om luften är gjord av tjära
Så tung, så svår att andas

Alla minnen jag har
av en tid som åtminstone
kändes lättare
ligger kvar i det förflutna
Det känns tungt och svårt
Jag vill tillbaka dit så jävla mycket
Men det går inte
Det går ju inte
Det är bara minnen
Det har redan hänt

Det enda man kan göra nu
är att acceptera det
Acceptera att man lever i nuet
och försöka se framåt
Men hur är det möjligt
hur fan är det möjligt
när allting ser så jävla mörkt ut

Allting har förändrats
ingenting är sig likt
Det känns grått och tungt
jag vill bara tillbaka

Tillbaka till det förflutna
där allting kändes så mycket lättare
Tillbaka dit


Constantly I walk around
with a knot in my chest
It's a special feeling
Something that drags you down
As if the air is made of tar
So heavy, so hard to breathe

All the memories I have
of a time that at least
felt easier
is left in the past
It feels heavy and tough
I want to go back there so fucking much
But there's no way
There is no way
It's only memories
It's already happened

The only thing you can do now
is to accept it
Accept that you live in the present
and try to look forward
But how is it possible
how the fuck is it possible
when everything is so fucking dark

Everything has changed
nothing is the same
It feels grey and heavy
I just want to go back

Back to the past
where everything felt so much easier
Back there
Track Name: We Are Nothing
My lungs burn with each breath
The yellow air of the city
crawls through my window

I pull my blanket over my head
Not wanting to see
the faceless ghosts outside

I want to silence their voices
only lies drain from their mouths

They are nothing
Nothing more than piles of ash
lost in the wind
There is no light in their hollow lives
They strive with their empty hopes
towards an endless decay

There is no salvation
and one day their minds will shatter
into fragments of despondency and regret

They are nothing
And you have nothing
And you are nothing
Track Name: Instängd I Mig Själv
Vem är det som har bestämt
att det ska vara såhär
Jag har inte gått med på det
Jag känner mig så jävla förtvivlad
Hur ska jag kunna klara av det här
Det är mitt hjärta som talar
Det vill ut
Bort från min kropp

Mitt liv känns som ett jävla fängelse
Instängd i kött och blod

När jag skär mig känns det som en lättnad
Som ett steg ut från detta fängelse
Men mina sår de läker igen
Likt en port som stängs
Och mina ärr dyker upp istället
Som en fångvaktare med strålkastare

Jag känner mig så jävla less på det här
Men det är inget jag kan göra åt

En kniv ger mig lättnad
Men jag känner skam och hat
över att detta är det bästa sättet
Istället vill jag trycka kniven i bröstet
Punktera mitt jävla hjärta
Och känna mitt blod forsta ut


Who decided
that it has to be like this
I haven't agreed to it
I feel so fucking heartbroken
How am I going to cope with this
It is my heart speaking
It wants to get out
Away from my body

My life feels like a fucking prison
Locked inside, in flesh and blood

When I cut myself, it feels like a relief
Like a step out from this prison
But my wounds they heal again
Like a gate closing
And my scars shows up instead
Like a guard with a spotlight

I feel so fucking tired of it
But there's nothing I can do about it

A knife gives me relief
But I feel shame and hatred
that this is the best way
Instead I want to press the knife into my chest
Puncture my fucking heart
And feel the blood gush out